About Us

Helping kids soar to the next level

Vorpahl Wing Charities is committed to helping the youth of Spokane achieve higher goals. Whether it be sports, music, STEM, or business, we see the immeasurable benefit to the community when a child is given the opportunity to excel. Additionally, they will learn to set goals, be self-disciplined, overcome adversity, and utilize positive communication skills to reach new levels of achievement

To ensure Spokane’s youth have the opportunity to excel in their activity, we understand it is not only them who need support. There is a great burden for their families, coaches, instructors, and mentors. It is a financial commitment on the families and a time commitment on all who are involved.

Here is where we help! The monies earned through our charity help with items such as travel, lessons, instruments, training seminars and equipment, just to name a few.

Vorpahl Wing Charities a non-profit 501 (c) 3